ivannikita2014-08-11 23:20:45
System administration
ivannikita, 2014-08-11 23:20:45

After a failure in 1s trade management, an extra document appeared in the warehouse with the wrong path?

Hello community.
Faced the following problems. After a power failure, as described above in the question: an extra document appeared in the warehouse, not related to anything. And the address classifier also stopped working (its inoperability lies in the fact that with any access from anywhere in the program, 1s freezes). To fix the problem with an extra document, I was advised to carry out a "check and fix" from the configurator with the removal of broken links. Started the check. The first time at night (because the accounting department works during the day), the check did not end. The second time on all weekends (Friday evening to Monday morning) the check did not end again, stopped at the check of the kladr and thought about it for a very long time. Kladr tried to delete in various ways (since 1s does not allow opening the form for cleaning the cladr, did the processing to open the cleaning form. The form was opened, but after pressing the clear key, the whole 1s again hung. Tell me how can I remove the cladr so that the database check goes faster and fixes broken links. the entire database weighs 3 GB.

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ivannikita, 2014-08-21

Thanks for answers. But none of the answers helped. The problem was solved in a very specific way. I moved the entire folder with the problematic database to another place on the disk, after which the kladr worked fine, and since the kladr earned testing and fixing completed the check and deleted the wrong document in half a day off.

Andrew, 2014-08-20

What 1C?

since 1s does not allow you to open the cladder cleaning form
where is this form?
did the processing to open the cleaning form
what kind of processing?
You can clear KLADR in 8.x like this:
0) Make a backup of the database.
1) All functions... -> Information registers -> Address classifier
2) Select all (Ctrl+A) -> Delete (Del).

dance000, 2014-08-21

In the bin folder, which is located in the platform folder, there is a chkdbfl.exe file, or something like that. Run it, check the box to fix errors and select the file with the database. He will check everything and fix it. Before that, of course, make a backup. Depending on the PC, I think it should be done in half an hour. Then just re-upload the folder and delete the new document using standard methods.

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