krotish2013-07-23 11:15:11
krotish, 2013-07-23 11:15:11

AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) on a router with HDD?

Friends, hello!
Can you share the secret of success? I've been fighting for a day now.
- a router (netgear WNR3500lv2) on which there is a sea of ​​​​alternative firmware and a hard drive connected via USB to it.
What you want:
- Access to files located on the hard drive using the AFP protocol.
Has anyone been able to do this? On what firmware? Share good manuals, please.
My experience:
now I have a tomato AIO, there is even a manual: www.myopenrouter.com/forum/thread/25959/WNR3500L-M...
but there are a number of problems at once - I can't make normal start scripts, netatalk periodically falls off, password access authentication is not configured (problems with creating users in the tomato), etc.
In general, I want a more or less tested stable solution, and if you also tell us about the successful raising of the iTunes media server, it’s a plane in general. Thank you!
PS The option to buy a NAS, where there will be both AFP and an iTunes media server, I am also ready to consider, if everything is bad with a router in this capacity, poke on the model, please.

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eklessiast, 2014-02-23

buy nas from synology, there is linux and there is a repository with applications, that's where itunes server is just there + you will get file storage

Nikolai Vasilchuk, 2013-07-23

opkg install netatalk

On OpenWRT, I personally worked more or less stably.

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