Artem Shtepenko2013-03-29 16:04:41
C++ / C#
Artem Shtepenko, 2013-03-29 16:04:41

Aero Snap effect for a form with FormBorderStyle = None?

There is winform FormBorderStyle = None and you need to add the form deployment depending on which side it was dragged to (everything is simple here), but how to add an aero demo of how the form will be deployed does not work.
I searched among the functions of Dwmapi.dll, but did not find the right one ...
If it is not quite clear, then here is a screenshot 5b7345a339360e671552df70439d3c0c.jpg
Update :
Asked a question on codeproject , partially solved the problem.

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Artem Shtepenko, 2013-04-06

The solution is here .
PS Everything turned out to be ingeniously simple, while I was looking for an answer I learned a lot of new things)

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