AstonMartin2013-01-05 09:12:30
AstonMartin, 2013-01-05 09:12:30

Advise the server of translation of video (pictures) under linux?

Good day!

You need to make a video broadcast on the site from several ip-cameras. But due to the fact that the channel on the upload from the cameras is very weak (100-200 kilobits / sec), it will not work to broadcast a full-fledged video. Therefore, I think just upload a few jpegs per minute to the server.
Actually, the question is that we need some software that would broadcast and scroll these pictures on the site in the form of such a brake video. Of course, you can cheat it yourself, but I would like to first consider the existing solutions.

Or can you criticize the whole scheme in general?

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ur3ckr, 2013-01-05

Try motion. Alternatively, take a look at ZoneMinder or ffmpeg

KEKSOV, 2013-01-05

In one of the projects, I implemented the following scheme - pictures from cameras are streamed to the server (one or two frames per second) and written to the directory structure - year, month, day, hour. For viewing, javascript was written that made this slideshow with the ability to scroll forward back within an hour.
Basically, one might think about converting jpeg to flv. There was a similar question discussed on stack .
If it's not a secret, what cameras do you use?

Eddy_Em, 2013-01-06

I made a bike on v4l2 . It worked quite well. There was one normal camera, but, in principle, working with several network cameras will not be much different.

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