mydoom2011-01-03 21:47:01
Neural networks
mydoom, 2011-01-03 21:47:01

Advise, please, literature on artificial neural networks

It is highly desirable to cover the issue from the practical side, i.e. description of specific tasks, algorithms, etc.
Thanks in advance.

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Ishli, 2011-01-03

There are a couple of books about neural networks with examples in C # and JAVA
I haven’t read it myself, but the reviews are good.
There are links below
www.flazx.us/books/14236-Introduction-to-Neural-Networks-for -C-2nd-Edition/

Hizof, 2011-01-03

I want to advise the course on intuit www.intuit.ru/department/ds/neuronnets/
additional courses have examples of their use.

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