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Advise on how to monitor changes on websites

There is a list of several dozen web pages, it needs to be monitored daily for changes. Advise a solution (web service or software, free or paid - it doesn't matter), with which you can automate daily monitoring?

It is desirable that the history of changes is stored, it is possible to compare page versions, the frequency of notification of changes is at least once a day, sending notifications to email according to the mailing list.

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Nickel3000, 2012-09-19

If it doesn't matter if it's free or paid, then there is WebSite-Watcher .

cat_crash, 2012-09-19

Can eat something like Open Source for Linux?

Trifors, 2012-09-19

Don't thank - www.siteguard.ru/

Maxim Klyushkov, 2012-09-20

wget, cron, diff =)

Backenda, 2019-02-08


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