Vladislav Ross2012-03-22 02:45:02
Computer networks
Vladislav Ross, 2012-03-22 02:45:02

Advise IP-KVM?

I am looking for IP-KVM with at least 8 VGA ports, more is better to manage servers over the network.
Now there is a D-Link DKVM in the auxiliary server room, but it gives out ~ 1 fps, which makes it almost impossible to work with a mouse even over LAN.
I would like something more nimble.

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Arseny Sokolov, 2012-03-22

Look aside: www.aten.ru/support/artview.php?idx=294 and others. Their own products.

juffinhalli, 2012-03-22

If you have D-Link DKVM-IP8, then I can help you set up up to 18-20 Fps

zuborg, 2012-03-22

Aten-s are generally not bad, although there are some nuances. I would recommend considering 1-port IP-KVM + 8-port non-IP-KVM such as Aten+Minicom.
Another great option is IPMI itself, but this is not KVM and requires additional configuration. But the speed and possibilities are the maximum.

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