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GVI, 2020-07-31 10:16:36

Advise "intermediate" server?

Friends, I'm just joining the work of a system administrator, I accepted some equipment and began to get acquainted with it.
In general, the essence of the issue is that now, due to quarantine, the entire company has gone remote, we decided to make an "intermediate server" for users to work, because we believe that working on a home PC is unsafe.
So that's what I would like to see on behalf of the user. Connecting via rdp and somehow, to a remote desktop to an "intermediate server", to see only what the admin allowed him, and the server, in its own way, connects the user to other stations where 1s7 1s8 and honey are installed, possibly file servers.

For some reason, I'm sure that there is such a thing, I decided to ask the gods of the admins.

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Vladimir Korotenko, 2020-07-31

Perhaps start from here.
The general plan is this.
Configure Remote Desktop Gateway
It is advisable to configure a VPN.
More to taste.

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