Dzirtik2012-08-13 11:39:41
Dzirtik, 2012-08-13 11:39:41

Advise good literature on design, database administration?

Particularly MySQL, but better in general.

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alltrash, 2012-08-13

Data. "Introduction to database systems"
Ullman. "Fundamentals of database systems".
Thomas Connolly, Carolyn Begg. "Database. Design, implementation and support. Theory and practice".

MicRaiS, 2012-08-13

MySQL. Performance Optimization - Schwartz B., Zaitsev P., Tkachenko V. et al.
MySQL 5 - Maxim Kuznetsov, Igor Simdyanov
and see here www.rtfm.4hack.com/books.php?id1=4&id2=1&id3=6

ixSci, 2012-08-13

An Introduction to Database Systems

Vitaly Zheltyakov, 2012-08-13

HELL. Homonenko, V.M. Tsygankov, M.G. Maltsev “Databases. Textbook for Universities ”- the book, although old, but everything is explained there on the fingers. It's easy to find on the web.

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