Alexander Kazakov2013-10-30 13:07:08
Alexander Kazakov, 2013-10-30 13:07:08

Advise an online consultant for the site

Do not take it as advertising, but at the moment we are using a free ChatHelp consultant.
Recently, the developers have screwed up something, and it has become terribly buggy: Either the managers do not receive messages, but they are in the reports, then the desktop application crashes ...

Advise a good online consultant on the site, ideally free, but commerce is also possible.
The most important thing is that there would be a win-application in which managers respond, and not through a web interface.

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Alexander, 2013-10-30

look here

Vorchun, 2013-10-30

For customers we set www.jivosite.ru/benefits There are paid and free installations. So far (2 years) no one has cursed

Pavel Savchenkov, 2013-10-30


Masterme, 2013-10-30

Vorchun I understood. In such situations, the site owner does not suffer in any way, he does not experience any inconvenience at all, because he does not enter his site, or does not enter as a user. And all the inconvenience goes to users.
That is, you did not receive complaints, because everything is OK with your customers, and visitors to their sites have no opportunity to complain.

erlan87205, 2015-03-17

I advise online consultants from consultant-web.ru and onicon.ru , the rest tried something that did not suit us.

Luciuz, 2014-01-11

I recommend to use online consultant Passibo ( passibo.ru ) Easy
to install + easy to use.
Oh, why do you need a win application?

pluser, 2014-02-02

I advise the online consultant for the SPEXE site is the only one that correctly supports jabber.
Active operator selection menu by the visitor.
Callback request button with number verification.
No restrictions on the number of sites and dialogues.
No advertising of the service in the button and chat.

maxxiixx, 2014-05-18

Completely free analogue of paid ones with a bunch of settings

Vladimir, 2016-03-11

Another online consultant: https://www.tawk.to/

Skoruta, 2016-05-23

intarget has a widget like this, free

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