Roman Vasilenko2013-01-08 18:48:49
Roman Vasilenko, 2013-01-08 18:48:49

Advise a noob how to write a Jetty-embedded application correctly.?


I have little experience in creating a servlet for TomCat, I recently decided to switch to Jetty. Began to deal with Jetty 8.

I need to create an application that will support sessions. As planned, each function is described by the heir of AbstractHandler.

I started using Context and ContextHandlerCollection and Context, but stumbled upon the fact that each context creates its own session with its own path, while I need one session. I started looking for some handler selector that would call the corresponding handler along its path, as is done with contexts, but I did not find it.

I felt that something was going wrong and decided to consult with you.

Thank you.

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relgames, 2013-01-14

www.eclipse.org/jetty/documentation/current/advanced-embedding.html You
can also try this download.eclipse.org/jetty/stable-7/xref/org/eclipse/jetty/embedded/OneServletContext.html

dborovikov, 2013-01-09

Maybe just take a jetty-servlet and use servlet sessions?

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