Sergey Savostin2013-11-18 19:05:37
Sergey Savostin, 2013-11-18 19:05:37

Advise a method or manual for the process of moving from Centos 5 to 6

It's already enough that many modern versions of applications are not installed on Centos 5 - they require GLIBC 3.4+ The
Internet is replete with frightening topics about headaches when switching to Centos 6 - you can't upgrade "just like that", "nothing will work", etc.
I want to go, but the problem is that the server is "combat" and the fall for a long time is undesirable.
Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience in administration (yum install, edit configs, configure/make I still can, but I’m unlikely to edit resources), i.e. need a manual "for little ones".
English free.
Maybe it makes sense to take a second VPS with Centos 6 and somehow transfer everything to it? But there ip / domains, etc., will have to be re-registered everywhere - I would not want to.
Or "nothing will work"

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Puma Thailand, 2013-11-19

take a new server and transfer it there, the most correct and safest method.

Dan Ivanov, 2013-11-18

I'm afraid even with a file it won't work.
Here is what the official RHEL documentation says about upgrading between major versions
Chapter 37. Upgrading Your Current System
Since CentOS is a clone of RHEL, everything described there is applicable to it as well.
Option: roll a new version onto a separate machine, slowly transfer and check everything, after making sure that everything is in order, put it into battle.

Yuriy Andamasov, 2013-11-24

I support @opium
, it all depends on what you have instructed there, at the
same time you will audit the system, get rid of unnecessary

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