kukhl2010-09-30 15:40:12
kukhl, 2010-09-30 15:40:12

advise a delivery service for an online store in Moscow

A must:

a good attitude towards customers
safekeeping service a
normal personal account
cash service it is

desirable to be able to find out the balance of goods in the warehouse (ideally - in a personal account)

we already use one of the services, but there are a lot of complaints. Maybe there is already a worthy player in this market?

UPD. I confess. I completely forgot - we are talking about Moscow (although the ability to deliver to St. Petersburg and other millionaires also does not hurt).

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karistina, 2015-03-03

Use Peshkariki.ru - Delivery in Moscow will cost 220 rubles, and the speed is 2 times faster than all of the above!

iscsi, 2010-09-30

In Russia, we really like CourierService Express .

bdmalex, 2010-09-30

An excellent site on the topic of online stores: www.oborot.ru , ask a question on the forum - I think there is a solution ...

amplitudo, 2010-09-30


nikel303, 2010-09-30

On Habré, a topic about delivery services slipped through.
Cashier courier services

yakubov, 2010-09-30

About Courier www.ocourier.ru/

tab, 2010-10-02

Smart guys. Cash service is free. Warehousing - normal prices.
The rest of the warehouse - you need to keep it at home, but it's not difficult to synchronize them.

nika7481, 2017-04-13

We work with DeliveryGuru
I am very pleased with the prompt delivery of everything, even for the New Year holidays.
Easy-to-use personal account
Personal manager.
Service of responsible storage and a complete set of goods.
Cash service 1% in Moscow time and St. Petersburg
The ability to deliver from Moscow time to St. Petersburg the next day at Moscow tariffs (for example, for only 200 rubles the dress arrived in St. Petersburg the next day
) provide this information upon request.

Den S, 2018-11-20

If still relevant - cityvans.ru
Small-tonnage cargo delivery for online stores and other needs.
Online calculation of the cost, fixed cost, cash / non-cash.
Moscow and region

viktor340, 2018-12-07

Try LCM Express express delivery https://lcm-express.com/
In fact, their fulfillment service includes all your items about safekeeping, personal account and cash services

Alba31, 2019-05-30

If you are looking for a reliable courier service for online stores, then you should consider "Postman Service" https://www.pmsv.ru/delivery.html as one of the options . This service has been operating since 2010 and has already earned a reputation as a reliable partner. The service delivers goods to all regions of the country and has its own collection points in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Konstantin, 2019-09-21

I can advise a new player in the market https://fulex.pro . The guys have excellent service and a good customer service department - the attitude of the staff is at the highest level, this is now a rarity. A separate plus is their automation and CRM. Finally, the 21st century has come to logistics and you can forget about all the paperwork. And in general, working with them is very convenient - we used to use the services of different transport companies, and now they are all collected in one place, and you can see all their tariffs, compare costs and choose the most suitable option for yourself. All this on their one site. I did not immediately manage to figure it out, but the managers quickly helped - it turned out to be nothing complicated. We work further!

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