DmitriyH2013-02-27 10:22:30
DmitriyH, 2013-02-27 10:22:30

Advise a decent 10" chinese android tablet

Please advise an Android tablet from the Chinese with a decent build quality and a large number of fans.
In other words, like Jyaui G3 among Chinese phones, only a tablet among Chinese tablets. :)
Desired characteristics:
- 10 inches
- IPS screen, ~ 2K x 1.5K
- 2Gb RAM or more
- no 3G module (or let it be, if a good model is produced only with 3G)
- A well-known way to easily get root without dancing with a tambourine and the risk of turning into a brick
- glass on the Gorilla Glass screen or something similar is welcome

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Phillip Gruy, 2013-02-27

According to the parameters you set, only if

Sergey, 2013-02-27

Although, I would choose Ainol, but they haven't received any information about Gorill yet.

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