2013-01-31 08:54:40
, 2013-01-31 08:54:40

Advise a bank to open an IP and receive money from a foreign company

There is a customer in the USA with whom I am starting to work. We will work officially with the conclusion of the contract. In this regard, I plan to open an IP. Advise a bank in Moscow to open and maintain an IP, which will take over the function of currency control. Payments from the client will be 1-2 per month.

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DaDanmer, 2013-01-31

Sberbank is good because it is like a tank - stable, large, iron and green. As a result, it is slow and clumsy, the account is opened slowly, the money comes slowly, the queue with the grandmothers goes too slowly.
I worked with different banks, I chose the Avangard bank for myself, I will need to go there, well, at most once to open an account and, if necessary, pour large amounts (it is better to call and agree on this in advance)

ZloiZmei, 2013-01-31

I have a savings bank. Chose on the principle of "what would not go far." Account maintenance + online banking - 990 rubles / month. Everything suits me perfectly. They even gave a loan for business when it was necessary.
I can’t say anything about working with foreign currency - I opened a foreign currency account there, but the order fell off. So the account hangs “in reserve” for the time being, they don’t take money for it.

Alexey Sundukov, 2013-02-02

Do not forget to agree with the customer who bears the costs (or in what shares) for foreign exchange transactions ( RKO in foreign exchange transactions ). Also, do not forget about the costs of maintaining an IP (since 2013, the amount of fixed contributions is 35,664.66 rubles / year). If the work promises to be long-term (a year or more), then it makes sense in the contract to link to the current value of these costs, and not agree on a fixed amount.

konfetolog, 2013-12-16

Saber is complete shit.
For the current account he has 35,000 rubles. irreducible balance.
Better not get in touch.

Alexander, 2014-06-30

I have experience of working with VTB24. They have very nice people working in currency control. They even helped me over the phone. Documents for currency control are transmitted electronically. If it were not for the invoices (I work with VAT), then I personally would not go there. Though once in two years it is necessary to go - to exchange documents on change of the EDS.

ViktorGugo, 2015-06-16

I agree about Sberbank. We work in a different way, we rented such a company www.hill.ru. We conduct all payments through it. We enter Russia through cards or checks. There are no problems

Elka111, 2016-09-30

I have been working with the Binbank for the third year now - the flight is normal. Try it, it might work too. Still, the bank is not one of the small ones and there have not been any slips with it yet.

alex0x00, 2017-05-19

I am in the process of choosing a bank to work with Upwork as an individual entrepreneur on the simplified tax system. Accordingly, the bank first of all needs convenient currency control, without problems, for example, without the requirement to issue a transaction passport and without letters of guarantee that we will not exceed the limit of $50k (if we approach the limit of $50k, as far as I understand, we just bring the same the most public offer agreement with Upwork, only as N2, and all the cases). Estimated income of 5-10 k$ with withdrawal every three months, respectively, for months in which there are no transactions, you don’t want to pay a monthly fee.
1. Who can say anything about Tinkoff?
2. Fora-bank (talked with VK employees - pleasant impressions)?
3. Which bank do you recommend?

Maxim Timofeev, 2017-08-02

I work with the Tochka bank , by the way, the action is now on pc. there are no problems with foreign exchange payments, those. support like clockwork. But the most important thing is that there are no parasites in the departments, as well as departments. Account without leaving home, like everything else. Everything is online. At least in Moscow, at least in Nizhne-Podshtaninovik.

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