Pavel2013-03-28 12:39:47
Pavel, 2013-03-28 12:39:47

Advise 23"-24" monitor for laptop up to 7,000 rubles

Given: Macbook Pro Retina.
Main purpose: programming.
Advise which 23 "-24" monitor to choose as a second screen, costing up to 7,000 rubles.
Portrait mode is welcome.

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dotsquid, 2013-03-28

I have DELL U2312HM. Very satisfied.
I took a little over a year ago for 2000 UAH. Now they are cheaper and seem to fit into your budget.
IPS-matrix - everything is very clear and beautiful. There is height adjustment, tilt in a vertical plane, rotation around a vertical axis. You can also rotate the screen to portrait mode, but the image does not automatically flip. I do not consider this a big problem, because. there are all sorts of utilities that allow you to do this using a key combination (I think there are also for Mac), although, of course, not as cool as automatic rotation.
DVI, VGA, DisplayPort (sorry, not HDMI), USB2.0 hub.
Matte case, matte screen, ascetic design.

Nikolay, 2013-03-28

For example - market.yandex.ru/model.xml?modelid=6980225&hid=91052

Urvin, 2013-03-28

AOC. And cheap, and shows decently.

aur, 2013-03-28

The office bought Benq GL2460HM for something around 6700 rubles. For a year of work did not disappoint. A pleasant surprise was the built-in speakers 2x1W.

sowich, 2013-03-28

So far, no complaints from Viewsonic VP2365-LED , although it is slightly more expensive than the declared price!

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