BizDev2012-12-10 16:29:51
BizDev, 2012-12-10 16:29:51

Advise 10" a tablet with a decent screen and 3g up to 12000, which can be bought at MSC?

Good evening!

I’ve been trying to decide on a tablet for 2 days already - it’s either out of stock, then it turns out an ambush with a cracking screen , then the price doesn’t fit , then they complain about freezes, not waking up, poor performance of 3g, something else.

I need a 10-inch one,
on android, for 10000, as I understand it, it’s difficult, so up to 12000
you need 3g, and a normal (not necessarily ideal) screen
+ preferably a normal sound and a microphone

for the Internet and Skype (any camera quality)
games are not planned (t .e. You just need an acceptable speed of the interface)

and you need to buy all this in Moscow time within a couple of days,
so I ask the community for advice.


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Dmitry Gusenkov, 2012-12-10

It is possible to look among texets , on idea. Shops in St. Petersburg are now on every corner, they are sold in Euroset, so you can definitely find it. You can definitely get into such a price - Yandex.Market

Vladimir Kivva, 2012-12-10

The same problem, because I'm waiting for either Kindle or Nexus with 3G

freeznah, 2012-12-10

Are the Chinese considered? And they have a lot of options...

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