Sergey Konovalenko2017-11-21 09:41:59
Sergey Konovalenko, 2017-11-21 09:41:59

Advice, layout integration in WordPress, how best?

Hello! Please advise, for integration into WordPress, how it would be better to make such an additional menu in a pop-up window on an internal page. Each menu item corresponds to a specific block with information on the right.
And how to integrate this into WordPress to be able to fully manage the menu, add, remove items, change their position, be able to change the price on the right?
Thank you in advance

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WP Panda, 2017-11-21

As I understand it, the category is on the left, the products from this category are on the right.
Accordingly, on the left of the menu, with Ajax, load goods.
Taby is not effective, dofiga goods to receive immediately

Nikita Peterson, 2017-11-21

layout with tabs, in WordPress can be configured using the ACF plugin and its acf repeater add-on

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