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itrabotnik, 2011-07-21 23:19:11

Advice from older to younger

Whether depression eats, or ...
In the last year and a half, something my work, passion in one person has ceased to bring moral satisfaction and interest has disappeared somewhere ...
I am currently working as a system administrator.
I’m thinking of changing my field of activity, so I’m asking for advice, of course it’s not reasonable in this form, but, as they say, more experienced and older people sometimes get good advice to
to young

it’s a joke, but in fact, I’m deciding what to do ... there are not very many options based on vacancies in our country:
1) a programmer
2) a software tester
3) a salesperson to go anywhere.

The third one is clearly not mine (although my father worked all his life as a salesman (buy and sell))
The second - a former classmate plows, looked ... in some places his hair stands on end from the monotonous poking at buttons (xs, maybe I just don’t understand the essence of this specialty, I need to work to understand)
It remains programmers.

1) c++ for game development
2) 1c
3) web

programming is interesting, as a matter of fact, I always fiddled with sites, installed, picked, but knowledge in html, css, javascript, php, python, perl is superficial.
1C programming disappears, I have enough picking at my wife at work with her configurations, this does not bring positive against the backdrop of laws being published and changes in the tax code in our country.
C ++ based on reviews here and not only, I will die faster than I will become a normal developer on it.

It remains the web ...
I don’t want to become another bydlocoder ... so I’m asking for advice ... where better to go in terms of “remote” html + css +:
1) javascript + framework (???)
2) php, javascript
3) python django,pylons ...
4 ) perl, catalyst
5) another option (other tools - programming language)

Interested in a no less high entry threshold, so that after a year of practice, one could switch to the main activity, so that there is enough to eat.

ps I ask you not to rivet cons into karma, I asked for help ... maybe for a session with a psychologist to straighten my brain, this is an option ...

Thank you in advance to those who leave their opinion, no matter what it will be.

UPD: Honestly, I did not expect such a response. Thanks to everyone who unsubscribed with advice, as well as to those who simply unsubscribed :)
about pig Petya - it was fun)

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mistako, 2011-07-21

Mental problems have no technical solution!
I was helped in due time: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Sergey, 2011-07-22

They will probably throw stones at me now)
php programmers are cheap, because there are a lot of them now, and the language itself is not comme il faut.
But it is in demand, it has a lot of frameworks, freelance orders.
The ideal solution is:
1. html\css html5\css3
2. javascript + library like jauery
3. Web programming language (you choose) + CMS written in it.
But you need to know CMS not superficially, but at the level of writing your modules and interacting with others under it.
4. Some databases would be a plus
. For example, I myself program in php, but I want to learn the rails.
In your place, I would do this, I would learn any nonsense that is in demand on freelancing, I would not quit my job, but combine it. Admins have a lot of time, so in the process I would program.
Go in for sports, a new social circle, and endorphins in all fields. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity improves mood, look and depression will pass.
Leave the servers.

int02h, 2011-07-22

Maybe .NET + C#? C# is quite a popular language, there are many books, articles and documentation. You can write both desktop and web applications. There is a good IDE and a bunch of useful plugins for it.

Anatoly, 2011-07-22

"php, python, perl are superficial." it means that you have at least some knowledge, so choose what you like more _for now_, the main thing is not to know the language, but to be able to program, changing the language is easier than being a programmer, in fact they are all the same, roughly speaking.

int03e, 2011-07-22

To "faster money and more work . " Moral satisfaction (the entry threshold is possibly higher). All right IMHO, of course.

Vadim, 2011-07-24

Are you sure that it is necessary to change the field of activity, and not work? Working as a system administrator in a company where everything is more or less stable, the infrastructure has settled down, there are no new serious tasks - this is a routine. Especially if the company is not IT. The system administrator in such conditions gradually becomes a "computer", "enikey".
But there are IT companies where some new tasks constantly arise related to reconfiguring hardware, all kinds of tests under different axes, which have not one file server for the whole office plus a virtual host from the provider, but a whole menagerie of servers.
Think this way. And if you decide, write and post a resume on work resources, where it must be indicated why you are bored "here" and what you would like "there".

@zzeneg, 2011-07-22

If you want the web, you can try Flash (ActionScript). OOP is quite simple compared to C++, popular and in demand. It can be used to create games (following the example with C ++, you are interested in this, as I understand it). On the other hand, there is ASP.NET / Silverlight - also easier than C ++, although there are many nuances. Less popular, but there are always vacancies.
You can still try desktop programming (not games). In addition to C ++, there is C # and Java - also very popular languages, C ++ is easier (IMHO), but it takes time to learn.
Well, the last option is the development of mobile applications. A promising direction, there are not many companies yet (I’m not talking about Moscow, I don’t know your city), but you can start alone (there are a lot of articles about iOS development lately).
Good luck to you, drive depression :)

tucnak, 2011-07-22

And it seemed to me that the author in the post answered all his questions in advance

Kindman, 2011-07-22

Try to become a WRITER. To begin with, you can describe your personal administration experience, the problems that arose and how they were solved.
Articles can be published directly in Habré - get a good feed back.
It is possible that things that are quite obvious and boring for you personally will be of interest to young people, for whom this is all new. If, however, the rake that you managed to step on is some very unusual and specific, then this will even give your presentation a special charm and charm. Be sure to describe your mistakes and misconceptions. Perhaps someone will find themselves in these delicate questions.

Alexander, 2011-07-22

You can go offline. Organize, for example, a garbage disposal business. Here on Habré there was such an example.

@zzeneg, 2011-07-22

in any way possible :) well, I'm talking about Peter the pig , if anything

Hitory, 2011-07-22

I don’t know how interesting it will be, but maybe development for mobile platforms - android + java \ ios + objective C? No one seems to have commented...

IlyaPodkopaev, 2011-07-23

why do you think that proging will not get bored just as quickly? And you’ll lose time ... it’s better, kmk, to find an area in system administration so that it’s not boring

Alexlexandr, 2011-07-23

Go to work abroad, for any vacancy, not necessarily related to programming, which suits you. And for "any" salary.
Not to earn, but simply to look around in life, to get a new outlook on life.
Depression will quickly pass from vivid impressions and you will learn a lot about life.
Don't miss your chance while you're young ;)

Dmitry, 2011-07-23

What is the cause of depression? You don’t see prospects, you don’t have enough money, you can’t cope well, you don’t like your social status? There is a possibility that over time a bolt will be put on the study of programming and it is better to dance from what does not suit you in life.
By subject: PHP
has a low entry threshold and simple work is complete.
what is better php, asp.net, python, ruby ​​theme holivarny can bring thousands of pros and cons. In terms of work hh -> search.
With confidence I can only speak for ASP.NET. I like MVC more than WebForms, it's going to be a long journey, but as usual it should pay off. In general, remote work I NEED, because you will stew in your own juice and slowly develop. The most effective and fastest way to learn is to get a job as an intern somewhere. If there is no work in your hometown, moving to another, having taken such a decisive step, will be something to praise yourself for, and then you see, the depression will pass for some time. Then again go-go reach, etc. :)

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