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Advertmobile, appbooster, facebook, AdWords are platforms for app promotion. Opinion, work experience, the most profitable strategy?

Hello, I have a question. Invest a little in promoting your app.
App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com....
Promotion across all countries.
Actually I googled 2 platforms in RuNet for this.
1. Who has worked with them, what is their experience, etc.?
2. Should I look into these platforms or is facebook or AdWords better?
3. If you use the services of these platforms, what is the probability of blocking the application in the Google Play Store? As far as I understand, this is not encouraged by Google.
4. Are there better alternatives than advertmobile or appbooster?
Thank you!

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Valery Pribylov, 2017-02-17

Good afternoon.
I work for Appbooster. I will try to answer some of your questions:
2. Definitely worth it! In addition to advertising installations from Facebook and AdWords, we at Appbooster do search promotion, as well as output to the TOP of popular ones. And most importantly, using the tools in a complex, we help to reduce the CPI of the target installation within the framework of the ongoing campaign.
3. I understand your concerns. Firstly, the users of our service are real people with unique devices, and technically they cannot be distinguished from organic ones. Secondly, in our practice, we have never faced blocking of applications of our advertisers in 4 years.

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