Maddi2010-11-07 01:31:03
contextual advertising
Maddi, 2010-11-07 01:31:03

Advertising "Yandex" they play Yandex posters on TV, in the subway, no one knows?

In the city of Kharkov, Yandex posters appeared in the subway.
Yandex ads are being played on TV.
Nobody knows what it's for?

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Nesp, 2010-11-07

To increase the popularity of Yandex?

Nicolette, 2010-11-07

Strive for world domination, of course :-)

Pollux, 2010-11-07

at our University (in Ukraine) it even weighs

Horse, 2010-11-07

Yandex wants to eat a large share. In Kyiv, too, a lot of his advertising. It takes positions in Runet from Google (although in this case, you will steal it).

SwampRunner, 2010-11-07

and in Kharkov in the subway >__<

panda, 2010-11-07

Maybe it’s because every autumn Yandex increases media activity in advertising (they place outdoor advertising in the fall for 3 years). Or to the fact that their media plan for advertising is scheduled in such a way that media activity is higher in the fall.
It is also possible that the end of the year is near and the advertising budget is underutilized.

Sirix, 2010-11-07

We also have large Yandex lightboxes in the buildings at KhAI

Anton, 2010-11-07

In Donetsk, both advertising on TV and billboards were hung up.

srka, 2010-11-07

they are trying to increase the audience, they know that they are outright losing to Google in Ukraine, so they call on hamsters :)

Snapp, 2010-11-07

In Vinnitsa and at the university, it hangs on billboards.

Artem Bondarenko, 2010-11-07

I also saw it in Vinnitsa

denisyukphp, 2010-11-07

Everything is directed against Google.

Yeah, 2010-11-08

In Nikolaev, there are also billboards. It’s strange, because Yandex in Ukraine can only have Google among its competitors, and it’s somehow doubtful to fight Google with advertising

pietrovich, 2010-11-08

in the October issue of Maxim there is an article on how to get mail using "Yandex mail for domain"
what was there about IPO and Yandex? apparently getting ready.

Michael, 2010-11-08

The essence of their advertising, at least the one I met in Kyiv, just shows the competitive advantages compared to Google. So it's all obvious

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