Ilya Korablev2015-02-05 21:50:00
Internet advertising
Ilya Korablev, 2015-02-05 21:50:00

Advertising on the site?

You need to put ads on the site to make a profit.
Surely there are systems that take sites with 10 views per day as partners, I think.
Can you recommend advertising systems of this type?

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Stanislav Fateev, 2015-02-05

Google AdSense - take with any attendance. But the minimum payout is $100. From a site with ten views a day, your great-great-grandchildren will receive this payout.

Optimus, 2015-02-05
Pyan @marrk2

AdSense will accept

Mikhail Lyalin, 2015-02-06

littering a site with such (!) number of visitors with ads = funny

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