Svav2015-05-04 23:42:47
Computer networks
Svav, 2015-05-04 23:42:47

Advertising injection into HTTP traffic, how to implement and with what?

There is a server under Ubuntu 14. Which implements a site mirror.
How to implement advertising injection into this site (traffic)? So that at least VDS pays off.

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Deerenaros, 2015-05-05

Why is everything always so difficult? Read - don't google , just ask.
Specifically, it depends on how the mirror is configured. But if this is not a request redirect (which is generally stupid), then we get any web server, mirror any requests to the target resource, insert a banner into the received response (it will first need to be parsed, yes). We rejoice in life. Does this really make sense? If the resource is popular and your method is often used, it's easier to make a donate button. If not, then advertising revenue will be a little more than none.

Spetros, 2015-05-04

If this site is yours and on your server - place banners on it, connect to the banner network.

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