Lipski2010-11-05 20:40:16
Lipski, 2010-11-05 20:40:16

Advertising in Android apps

Hello, %username%

Recently I asked another question about the placement of paid applications in the Android Market by those who are not in the list of countries. Since I didn’t receive an answer, another one arose: whose ads should be placed in applications in order to earn money? I found several articles on Habré with positive experience, but they are irrelevant due to the fact that QW is now under Apple and does not work with Android anymore.

Please share your experience or knowledge on this issue.

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jeck_landin, 2010-11-05

Try Mobclix

namc, 2010-11-05

I have not met people who would be pleased with advertising in applications. Advertising kills all interest and joy from work. I think it's better to try through friends or relatives in neighboring countries, moreover, it's not such a hard job for them.

LProf, 2010-11-05

Unfortunately, I can’t answer on the merits, because. I don’t know the answer, but I want to say that in my opinion it’s better to somehow implement a paid application than to shove advertising into a free one. In-app ads are almost always terrible. Although of course depending on what kind of application.

BaJlepa, 2010-11-06

As my friend said:
“Drop all your dirty thoughts about money and do good, you will definitely be rewarded”

amc, 2010-11-06

Take advantage of other people's experience, see who uses what services in popular applications.

Saenco, 2011-02-02

I can express my thoughts about the advertising itself.
It is most likely appropriate to make several versions of the application:
1. Free (with advertising)
2. AdFree for a certain fee
In this case, users will always have a choice - to pay OPPS for traffic, or the developer for the nights spent in the debugger.

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