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contextual advertising
, 2020-07-15 15:57:57

Advertising effectiveness, statistics and research?

I’m interested, if specifically contextual advertising on Instagram, which ad is the most effective for 1-2 seconds and a minimum of text, or whole stories about how to do it or not ... let’s say we have a body repair, it’s clear that there are some nuances, but who it is interesting to read how the master taps the iron and then putty it?

Are there any marketing studies like this, maybe some infographics that BRIEFLY show statistics, effectiveness and comparison of different types of advertising... I don't want to read a million books to understand that 99% of them are nothing. the topic is not complicated in principle, I wonder if anyone collects and shares such observations?

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Nikita Shinkevich, 2020-07-15

The scope of my interests is car service, including body repair, so I can speak on the basis of my competencies, since I took over the creation of the site and all marketing, because I don’t mess around with pieces of iron myself.
Do you want a ready recipe? It will not exist even if I teach you nuances for 10 hours in a row as the head of the service station. Everything comes from experience, and I personally got this experience by making mistakes that cost me money ... So the path of mistakes and trials will have to be passed.
It is very important to understand what types of advertising in the field of car service do not plow at all. For example, branding the car of the director or employees ala "Car service "SUPERMOTORS"" and a phone ... well, or a website. Exhaust - a little less than 0.
Business cards, flyers ... in the same box office, everything will be in the trash.
Everything that is said about SMM, of course, varies depending on the region, customer segment and other factors:
1. Answer yourself the question: "Do I know my client to the bone?" Who are your clients? how do they behave? how do they live, what do they do? At one time I was very surprised that the subscribers of our competitors, their groups, look through them while sitting on the potty ... No joke .. In the evening with a cigarette, when the wife puts the children to bed. They are not up to the car service, and even more so, he will not call and write. And in the morning he will forget and google something else, which is closer.
2. Car service is 100500% local type of business. your clients. regular customers, if any, live within a maximum radius of 2-3 km. Dot. How many of them are on Instagram? They will not go to you through the whole city for absolutely objective reasons, starting from the problem: how to return and pick up a car, by taxi? Ending with the fact that ... well, stupidly, what for?
3. Men aged 40 to 59 do not sit on Instagram (this is the most delicious segment). They don't all sit. They don't even know what it is 99% of the time.
4. SMM, including Instagram, works extremely poorly in the area of ​​our interests. If we talk about VK, then 99% of the car service communities are simple posts in the format: “Today such and such a car drove to us (here is a photo of it on a dirty lift) ... Done: blah blah blah ... it cost the client: blah blah blah ...". You always want to ask: what does such a post give to the subscriber? Are we boasting? What is unique here? Nothing. This is a platitude from which one must stay away. This does not work. Therefore, think 100 times and do you need to pump money at all into promotion in social networks? Likes into customers (into money) are not converted. There is no content, subscriptions become obsolete, there is no movement. Usually public service stations are started not for communications, but for CSW, or it’s not clear at all for what, like we are a brand, look how fashionable we are ...
It was... will be... the timing... no one cares. Interested in the impossible: maximum quality at the lowest price. Dot. And once again a point. And so that you are close and do not freeze the car in the paint shop for 2 weeks, otherwise you will go through the forest and get a reputation as bastards among your acquaintances.
.... Do you now understand how much you have to learn? Prepare about 50-60 thousand rubles only for advertising research. And if you don't live in MSK or St. Petersburg or in another millionaire, then forget about SMM altogether, the best advertisement for you is a good place and a "body repair" sign.
A couple more questions as food for thought: what is the maximum cost per customer acquisition for advertising? And what is the cost of the application (call, letter, chat)? These are very important figures, until you know them, you will not build any advertising.

xmoonlight, 2020-07-15

Everything is stupid: advertising shows the shortest profit for the customer of goods / services.

body repair
How is your body repair beneficial for me (as a customer) and why is it better for me than your competitors?
It was-will be, terms, guarantees, payment.

Puma Thailand, 2020-07-15

Not on your topic
Check the case for five minutes, run both and see the result

vegas___baby, 2020-08-27

Well, I would not single out one thing, here you just need to build on your product, website, first of all. It is on the basis of this criterion that the effectiveness of advertising can differ significantly, or from the company itself, which is engaged in this promotion. I collaborated with both link stream and https://zenlink.ru/ , and I can say that in the second case, the effect of the work done was better, both in terms of attendance and traffic.

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