Sergey Mushtuk2012-01-05 23:56:38
Sergey Mushtuk, 2012-01-05 23:56:38

Advantages of Android and iOS in terms of third-party software and additional features

I understand that there are millions of comparisons of Android and iOS on the Internet, that this holivar has set many on edge, but still, the aspect of the advantages of one side or another in terms of third-party software or certain built-in features of the ecosystem is not disclosed in my opinion enough. I sometimes read reviews, I have devices on both systems at my disposal, but at the same time I do not fully know their capabilities. Here is a brief attempt to describe how this or that system stands out (let's forget about the shortcomings, only the advantages).

- iTunes Store, where there is not only paid music (not for everyone), but also free podcasts, which eliminates the need to climb podcast terminals. In Android, this is not at all, or will it be in Google Music?
- Games: there are no many beautiful games like Infinity Blade, Rage for Android
— Instagram.am: not everyone needs it, I don’t need it, for example
— GTD task managers like Things and Omnifocus, I don’t remember such programs on Android even at the same price
— iMessages and FaceTime
— Flipboard
— Siri (not adapted for Russian yet)

- Navigation in Google maps: it's far from ideal, but if you are also disgusted by the design of Navitel, which you also need to buy for $ 50, it's quite a useful thing, at least they replaced the navigator with iGO 2008
- Integration with Google+, for example, automatic sending all photos and videos, I don’t know if this is on iOS
- Games: there are some things under Android that are not under iOS, they are not usually hit, but interesting
- Flash support in the browser (even if Flash itself is evil, the ability to use it is a blessing)
- Native Google Voice Search (everything is fine with Russian, it is also in the application in iOS, but will not apply to third-party programs)

Interested in what other interesting programs in certain areas on one of the platforms do not have a port and a high-quality analogue on the second.

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Gosha Arinich, 2012-01-06

- as already mentioned, beautiful games like Infinity Blade 2
- iMessages and FaceTime, out of the box. The binding to the number is also pleasing, in addition to Apple ID
- an interesting news reader, Flipboard
- Tweetbot, an awesome Twitter client. One of the best apps on iOS, I haven’t seen anything similar with the same excellent user experience on Android
- IMO the best app ecosystem in general
- FreeMyApps, download free apps, earn credits, and change to promo codes from quality apps (I have appeared Infinity Blade II, Tweetbot, and all sorts of other things)


– Goggles

Come on, it's on iOS too. Immediately integrated into the Google Search app .

It's a bit subjective, but I think it's debatable. It was the lack of flash on iOS devices that made a lot of developers realize that there is life without it, and that with html5 they are beautiful.

sanchower, 2018-01-12

iOS is first and foremost an ecosystem.
Applications in general seem to be more optimized, since there are incomparably fewer device variations.
Well, the life cycle of the device is a very important thing.
And by the way, iOS is also very well customizable and has a lot of features, but they are usually not obvious to everyone.
I recently started a telegram channel where I talk about such hidden features, if you're interested - welcome to https://t.me/iossecrets

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