BjergRub2018-06-20 22:55:28
BjergRub, 2018-06-20 22:55:28

Advantages and disadvantages of OOP in more detail?

Can someone in a fairly simple manner describe in more detail such advantages as:
1. Abstraction from implementation details
2. Data and operations are described together
3. Modularity 4.
Ability to create extensible systems
And disadvantages such as:
1. Code to process a message sometimes
resource "smeared" over many small methods : https://sites.google.com/site/chibel117/izucenie/j...

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Manuchehr Jalolov, 2018-06-21

Ideas in OOP (Hoare, 1966, “Code Sharing”):
  • Инкапсуляция (объединение данных и действий над ними, или для каждого типа данных – свои функции-действия);
    • Other qualifications required
    • Dramatically increases the time for analysis and design of systems
    • Increasing run time
    • Code size is increasing :interrobang:
    • Memory inefficient (dead code is one that is not used) :interrobang:
    • The complexity of the distribution of work at the initial stage
    • Cost price more

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