Ilaj Osmanov2017-09-22 03:59:02
Ilaj Osmanov, 2017-09-22 03:59:02

Advantage of laravel in vue bundle?

Good afternoon. We write SPA on VueJs + Laravel. ( I'm doing frontend )
I can't understand what is the benefit of using laravel (rather than ruby ​​etc ) if we only use RestfulAPI.

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Stanislav Pochepko, 2017-09-22

There are no benefits there. Since SPA and Back-end communicate with each other through requests using JSON (Most often). All popular and not popular frameworks can use JSON.
What they say that deployment speed with laravel is faster is nonsense. In normal projects, SPA and Back-end are in separate repositories. This is necessary for flexibility. Suddenly you need to deploy them on different servers. That is to share resources. If it is in one turnip, then the server will process http requests for both spa and back-end. Overload!

Lumore, 2017-09-22

Perhaps the backend developer has more experience in REST API development on Laravel, but he doubts ruby.

Maxim, 2017-09-22

I would call the speed of the initial deployment of the project. Because out of the box, everything is set up and optimized for work right away, and all that remains is to cut your components. And that, IMHO, is all.
Both laravel and vue can work perfectly independently of each other, and from what is on the other side.

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