ZaurK2016-11-07 12:07:56
ZaurK, 2016-11-07 12:07:56

Advanced or basic?

Good afternoon! Let's say the task is to create a site on yii2 with the functionality of the admin panel (crud news, gallery, files, etc.). I was faced with the choice of which yii2 to use - advanced or basic. I googled and seem to advise advanced, but in easii yii2 cms easyiicms.com the structure is the same as basic. Therefore, the question arises, which one and when is it justified to use? Are there any criteria by which the decision is made - to use basic or advanced? Please share your experience, dear yii2 developers.

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Maxim Timofeev, 2016-11-07

If you want to have two applications - use advanced.
If you want to have an admin panel as a module - basic.
Ideally, the choice depends on the architecture of the future project and its specifics. But in reality, everyone writes on the template that they are used to. advanced is no more complicated than basic and has a ready-made rbac, and separating the admin and frontend into different applications gives many advantages. For example, you can move the admin panel to a subdomain without dancing with a tambourine or distinguish between authorization in the backend and frontend. I like advanced more and I frankly don't understand why you should use basic, except when it's justified. And there are not many of them.

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