DIV28802020-09-21 22:37:53
DIV2880, 2020-09-21 22:37:53

Advanced custom fields when creating a field, it displays fine and selects a custom taxonomy, but does not register behind the post?

Custom taxonomy autors created, new field created in ACF. Field type=taxonomy, taxonomy=authors. Everything is nicely displayed in the template and edited in the post, but not applied to the post itself. But if you allow the output of this taxonomy in the wordpress editor in parallel, and select it as a label, then everything is fine and the entry is displayed in www.xxx/autors/xxx, and if you just fill in the field in acf, then there is no sense) Share the trick =)

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DIV2880, 2020-09-21

When creating a field in its settings, you need to specify "load terms" (Load values ​​from record terms). In this case, when choosing a post taxonomy, it will be hooked into the ACF field and displayed in the template.

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