Anton Plawkevich2020-02-03 11:58:40
Anton Plawkevich, 2020-02-03 11:58:40

advanced custom fields dropdown?

Good afternoon, I would like to ask if I can make a dropdown for a person in the admin panel through ACF to select certain elements, the essence is that there is a page on it people, it is necessary for the person to go to the admin panel click on the dropdown and select certain people who should be pulled up to the page, is it possible to implement this on wp using acf?

I would be grateful for any help or direction in the right direction, thanks

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Denyaroshenko, 2020-02-03

You need to create a field with the type "Select (select)" and configure it. In order to select multiple people, you need to enable the setting "Select multiple values?"

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