Alexander Rublev2018-12-11 22:13:46
Alexander Rublev, 2018-12-11 22:13:46

Advanced courses (literature) in Python?

This question has probably already been asked, but I couldn't find it.
Prompt books or advanced courses in Russian.
Or where to find an experienced mentor who will answer deep and complex questions for money.
To address deeper issues.
For example:
- Restricting access rights in GUI applications
- Working with databases at a higher level than a simple select (for example, I have not seen a repository or mapper pattern in any book, as well as about complex large filters)
- Program optimization
- Proper organization of code
and etc. (but not Django)
I am already programming in python. And every book that you start to read, you immediately understand that this is all familiar for a long time. I want deeper knowledge that experienced developers operate on.
The last thing I read was pure Python, and there was some useful information in this book (surprisingly)

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Roman Kitaev, 2018-12-11

Fluent Python

Oleg Kotov, 2018-12-12

90% documentation in English. So it's not a desire, but a necessity.
Proper organization of code comes with experience, and if you are not blind and can distinguish concise code from a city dump.
On working with the database, a good course Databases in Python from UMich on coursera.
The restriction of rights to the GUI, I believe, depends on the libraries used.
Optimization is also with experience. Well, to explore other people's projects on the same github is a useful activity in this regard.

nastylitototvchenko, 2019-01-08

has a division into python - web development and python for data science

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