Maxim Peletsky2019-03-09 10:46:59
Search Engine Optimization
Maxim Peletsky, 2019-03-09 10:46:59

Adult website - where do they get so much direct traffic?

Hello. There is a site https://publicwww.com/websites/%22popads.net%22/6 , it contains sites with a popad network code.
Actually, site owners earn income by selling popunder traffic.
When analyzing 90% of sites, take for example this https://www.similarweb.com/website/gaybeeg.info traffic they receive directly Direct traffic, the rest of the type of traffic is zero, or a small percentage.
The question is where do they get it? It’s unlikely that they buy the same pop-under traffic for their site in order to resell pop-under traffic to another network.
If they buy at $1 per CPM, the landing CTR is 5% at best, then 50 people out of a thousand click on the site, then they will be able to resell only 50 popunders, which is generally not profitable.
I will be glad for any hint.

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My joy, 2019-03-09

Such sites are often bookmarked so that later you don’t have to look for the one you like again. I wang that these are the very direct transitions. I heard that lately adult sites are trying to make high-quality and without unnecessary garbage just for this reason

CHolfield, 2019-03-09

direct organic traffic to porn from search engines is flowing

Puma Thailand, 2019-03-09

Regular search traffic just from other sites with hidden referrer

Dimonchik, 2019-03-09

not everything that is direct in similarweb is actually direct
download sites built on the principle of cj, as in early adult, there are still tops and visitor exchanges, mainly due to departure from Google
, study extended data, there are tips
and yes, about bookmarks funny

Alexander Aksentiev, 2019-03-09

Search engines have been systematically tightening the screws on transferring referrers to sites for commercial reasons for a long time.
So most of the search traffic is not actually marked as such.
Also, almost all https -> http transitions are not visible due to browser policies.
Plus, the specifics of the site can be aimed at the fact that the site is visited by regular visitors from bookmarks.
In general, it’s a troubled time now, most of the sources are lost for various reasons, before everything was visible in general in all sorts of metrics and analytics.

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