maxnew2013-11-17 13:38:41
maxnew, 2013-11-17 13:38:41

Aduino. The program constantly writes to the port. how to replace the sketch?

Iteaduino 2.2 (MEGA328P) uploaded a program from examples - reading the sensor and writing readings to the port, respectively, the port is constantly busy (TX blinks) and there is no way to upload a new program.
I tried to fill it "when turned on", closed D1 to the ground - it does not help.
What are the options without using a programmer?

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theaspin, 2013-11-17

Writing to the port cannot interfere with the upload of the program in any way. After a reset, it starts the bootloader for a short period of time. If it doesn't get a fill request, the sketch is running. You can try pressing the Reset button before/immediately after the start of pouring. Although when pouring, the reset should be done automatically through the DTR leg on the FT232.

svd71_1, 2013-11-17

Try tips from here .
Most importantly - do not start the terminal to receive. And after rewriting the sketch, reset the board.

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