Sergey Rolich2012-10-03 15:16:00
Sergey Rolich, 2012-10-03 15:16:00

ADSL modem with Multi PVC

Hello, you need a modem with WiFi support, as well as Multi PVC(VC-based multiplexing), since you need an Internet connection and IPTV. Preferably good manufacturers, TP-LINK and D-LINK somehow do not inspire confidence.

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poisons, 2012-10-03

Almost any non-USB modem can do this.
I would not lay all the functionality on the modem.
It is better to buy an inexpensive modem, and put a good wifi router behind it.
I myself used a very long period of asus 6020bi-t4. There is an experience of using dlink, zte and other things that were offered by Stream.

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