sane4kavision2020-12-27 16:05:31
sane4kavision, 2020-12-27 16:05:31

Adsense blocks not showing up when switching from Pulse and Zen?

Good afternoon!
Please help with the problem, because. Didn't find any info on the internet.
When you go to the site from Yandex Zen or Pulse from mail.ru, a prefix appears at the end of the URL:
2Fpulse.mail.ru 3Dsearchapp

In such cases, Adsense blocks on the page are rarely loaded. Usually there is just an empty space:
There is no such problem with Yandex blocks, everything works well.
It throws out in code:

<script>window.top.postMessage('{"msg_type":"resize-me","key_value":[{"key":"r_nh","value":"0"},{"key":"qid","value":"CPXtspGJ7u0CFdZAHgIdHMkOkg"}],"googMsgType":"sth"}', '*');</script><script>window.top.postMessage('{"msg_type":"adsense-labs","key_value":[{"key":"settings","value":"[\\\"ca-pub-5803878243147175\\\"]"}],"googMsgType":"sth"}', '*');</script>

Tell me, what could it be? How to solve this problem?

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Dimonchik, 2020-12-27

the url has nothing to do with the fact of displaying
if everything is coded correctly

rbah1987, 2021-10-14

This happens because the page with the parameter is perceived as a separate new page: https://arpu.ru/d/15-pocemu-reklama-adsense-ne-oto...

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