Nikita Permin2011-08-31 16:53:30
Nikita Permin, 2011-08-31 16:53:30


Surely, many people read about O'Baka single-chip Arduino , and then they assembled their own similar ones according to the schemes Kimio Kosaka , But on the page of the author of the project just below there is a photo with the implementation of this through a mini-b socket.
Actually the question is: where can I find the wiring diagrams for this socket for connecting to the MK?

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Ocelot, 2011-08-31

Contacts of the mini-USB connector (view from the outside, from the side of the plug)

The connection diagram is completely the same as for the "large" connector (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2478/3964932530_731805d3c3.jpg)
Resistors on the D+ and D lines - 33 ohms each (you can from 27 to 68, most importantly, two are the same). Between D- and Vcc is a 1.5 kΩ resistor. From the lines D + and D- to ground - 3.6 V zener diodes, for surge protection.

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