MatSkywalker2014-04-14 04:30:24
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MatSkywalker, 2014-04-14 04:30:24

ADODB - how to connect to a data source in a WSF script?

I am connecting to the database via ADODB.
Question: how to create an ADODB.Connection in a WSF script so that you can then use it from different languages?
Created for VBscript is unreachable in JScript. In the sense that having opened a connection in one, it is necessary to open it in another. Can I somehow make a common connection object so as not to cling to the database from each?
<object id="DBConn" progid="ADODB.Connection"/>

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1251'?>
    <object id="objConnection" progid="ADODB.Connection"/>
    <script language="VBScript">
        WScript.Echo TypeName(objConnection)
        WScript.Echo objConnection.Version
    <script language="JScript">
    // Вот если тут попробовать обратиться к objConnection, окажется, что соединение закрыто.

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