Amarelle2011-08-11 09:47:15
Amarelle, 2011-08-11 09:47:15

Adobe Reader on Android - how to try?

I have been struggling with the Android emulator for several days now, trying to install Adobe Reader on it. So far, I have settled on the fact that there is no Adobe Reader in the Market (if you enter from the emulator) (although I tried the version of Android 2.3 - maybe this is the problem?). If you log in from your computer and order Adobe Reader to be installed on your device, then another problem arises: synchronization does not work, because I cannot put Google Talk on the emulator (it is he who provides synchronization).

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bracadabra, 2011-08-11

Of course, I may not understand the question, but the easiest way to install AdobeReader on the emulator is this:
1) download apk from here .
2) on the command line, type adb install path_to_AdobeReader.apk.

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