Sergey Varnachev2015-03-10 13:07:48
Adobe Photoshop
Sergey Varnachev, 2015-03-10 13:07:48

Adobe Photoshop: Is it possible to remove the auto-adding of the word "copy" in the layer name when it is duplicated?

Such a need arises every time when you need to use the same element (layer) several times, for example, a rectangular background for a block / icon.
You have to rename layers manually:
layer 1, layer copy, layer copy 2, layer copy 3…
layer 1, layer 2, layer 3, layer 4…

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vaux, 2015-03-10

Yes. In the upper right corner of the layers panel, open the menu, select Panel Options and uncheck Add "copy" to Copied Layers and Groups.

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