Sasha2016-12-07 21:10:10
Sasha, 2016-12-07 21:10:10

Adobe Muse html on CMS?

How difficult and time-consuming is the html from Muse to put on any cms? Of course, if it's a small and simple portfolio site or something like that

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leviathan, 2016-12-07

Adobe Muse has very specific code. Putting on a CMS is real, but it's complete savagery. It's easier to write by hand...

zooks, 2016-12-07

It makes no sense to use such auto-generated code in a CMS.

Sergey, 2016-12-07

Complicated. You will be tempted, you will be exhausted.
Muse not for CMS use

asd111, 2016-12-08

This is normal html, inserted as usual with copy-paste, nothing complicated.

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