Alexander Sorochinsky2012-12-23 17:06:17
Alexander Sorochinsky, 2012-12-23 17:06:17

Adobe Air Browser and Transparency

Not strong in Adobe Flash, Flex and Air, but I was interested in an example of a custom browser written in Air using the webkit engine:


The author writes and gives an example of a ready-made browser written in flash.

In addition to his code, I created another layer under the browser with a simple looping animation and tried for a long time to make this animation visible through the browser. But nothing happened.

Question: is it possible to remove the background in the "browser" component (HTMLPane) and make it transparent by default? If there is no overlay html content.

For work I used Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and the latest Abode Air at the moment. In the example, the code is written for CS4. The IDE suggested that I transform it automatically.

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