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doublench21, 2015-12-23 17:22:36

ADO.NET sea of ​​problems?

Created a console project on VS 2015 Update 1.
Then I downloaded the EntityFramework and MysqlDataEntity packages via Nuget.
I tried to play with the database, but it wasn’t there, there was simply no ADO.NET Entity Data Model in the list of elements.
Hmm... It appeared after several hours of torment and the idea that SQl Server should be installed. (I wonder why I had to do this if I don't want to use it)
The torment didn't stop there; now adding the ADO.NET Entity Data Model and selecting my database (connection successful) and selecting the table I need from the list, I click next ... but nothing happens.
What can be wrong ? No .edmx generation .... nothing
Help with problem.

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Stanislav Makarov, 2015-12-23

1) it is not possible to use EF7 with edmx, because the latter is considered a deprecated format/approach to storing the DB structure (see blogs.msdn.com/b/adonet/archive/2014/10/21/ef7-wha... If you still really want edmx - try installing EF6;
2 )

what to install SQL Server

most likely it was necessary to install Entity Framework Tools, which, in general, is logical. To install EFTools, you need to select SQL Server Data Tools during installation (see https://github.com/aspnet/Tooling/issues/53 ), which is also logical. Are you sure you installed them when you installed the studio? Please note that this is Tools, not a server.

Roman, 2015-12-24

to get started, read metanit.com/sharp/entityframework , then read how to connect MySql to EF. and all. I use FireBird Embedded without problems and any installations of MSSql.

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