SergeyVoyteshonok2011-12-16 15:24:57
Google AdMob
SergeyVoyteshonok, 2011-12-16 15:24:57

admob - the third week of confirmation has gone

the situation is this:
there is a campaign for advertising a mobile application, it was created on November 30, has not yet been confirmed, on December 14 I wrote an angry letter to [email protected], no answer, no hello, no confirmation of the announcement.

People, advise what to do with admob, where to write, and so on.

PS here are all sorts of left ads, after clicking on which money is automatically debited from you, they crawl there, and when you try to advertise a normal application, such bullshit

PPS will soon be like Anton Uralsky, notorious on the Internet, calling them and yelling “FROM NOVEMBER OF THE LAST YEAR!!!!” =)))

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sankir, 2011-12-16

It might be worth visiting the Help Center
. There is a support request form.
Well it's written right there:

Please note that due to the high volume of communications we receive, we only provide email support for a limited number of issues. We respond personally only if the solution to the problem is not described in the Help Center.

I can assume that you did not follow some of the instructions.
I can’t offer anything else, because. The question is formulated somewhat chaotically and there is not enough information.

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