dippco2020-08-23 17:43:17
Google AdMob
dippco, 2020-08-23 17:43:17

AdMob ads not working?

Hello everyone, I made a simple application with a bunch of ads. The prog was uploaded to Google Play and now it is in the public domain. Advertising connected from admob, but it does not work. Only in the test version. I expected that real advertising will start working after the publication on the market, but to no avail. In the personal account of the admob, there is a message stating that impressions are limited, the reason: the account is being verified. Who faced it? After all, my program is fixated on playing ads and the application does not work without it. The transition between pages is carried out only after viewing the ad, there may be a problem that I indicated a rewarded ad, and not between pages. Thanks for answers.

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Sergey Karbivnichy, 2020-08-23

Wait a bit, soon your application will be banned (and for a systematic violation - a ban for life!). When you receive a ban, you will receive a notification about it, and your problem will be solved.

Vitaliy, 2020-09-05

You can’t get stuck on playing ads, the application must work without ads. And the restriction in admob is the second question.
I advise you to quickly review the application logic and look a little further than today. And then the ads will be returned, and the application will no longer be on the market;)

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