Alexander2016-03-16 11:16:47
Alexander, 2016-03-16 11:16:47

Admin panel. Where to begin?

Knowledge of PHP is still at a fairly low level, and I will say right away (so that no one is indignant) - I don’t require it ready on a silver platter. I ask you to "indicate" in which direction to move predominantly in training in order to quickly approach the writing of the admin panel. Links, literature. So far, my miserable "beginning" of the admin panel is just a login/password form on a separate page.

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ssrdop, 2016-03-16

In fact, the Admin panel is a limited part of the site, which can only be accessed, for example, by the admin. Other users are prohibited. If we talk about php and mysql, then we go to the admin panel login menu (usually this is a form with two fields login and password), then it processes the form, i.e. we look for a user in the database with the same login and password, if any, then we need to let the site know that this user can now log into the admin area. To do this, you can create a session with a specific name, or better, write a random string to the session and write it to the database. And each time to check if there is a session in the database with the same string as in the database, if there is, then this is the admin. In general, if you are at the initial level, then read the articles of this guy lifeexample.ru/php-primeryi-skriptov/pishem-intern...There he makes an online store. And there is also a course from the webformyself site "turnkey corporate website", you can find it, let's say, if you try) It's generally built on oop. Also a good course to understand is the geekbrains php course. And then you can study the laravel framework, it is easy to master and then grow more and more))

LabJS, 2022-03-12

In order to write an admin panel, you need experience in this area. If there is interest and a lot of free time, try the ExtJS framework in conjunction with NodeJS. This is the ideal solution for creating admin panels and CRM systems. But the barrier to entry is quite high. If there is no way to understand, then it is better to turn to professionals from LabJS

amf1k, 2016-03-16

The admin panel is basically CRUD operations, read about them and how they are implemented in PHP, also study which thread the framework and ORM

Alexander Sharihin, 2016-03-16

Take Laravel and use Sleeping Owl Admin Panel to it. Almost all the routine will fall on him.

Gregory, 2016-03-16

If you know yii2, then there is adminlte

frolovss, 2016-03-16

To write an admin panel, you need to write the front` part accordingly. How to write it, and master the admin panel. Learn the language, and make more live examples (just reading is inefficient)

Pshkll, 2016-03-16

You can start with this .

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