sosnovskiy2016-08-01 11:56:34
sosnovskiy, 2016-08-01 11:56:34

Admin panel and website on different php and js frameworks and with different api (only database is common), is it a good idea?


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WebDev, 2016-08-01

There was a project where the admin panel was written on a separate domain and on a different framework, and the front was written in Laravel. Everything lay even on different servers and the front connected to a remote database.
The current project with two versions (mobile and main) are two different projects. The main version has an admin panel, the mobile one does not.
In addition, projects where the front is written, for example, in js and fully communicates with the backend via API, are also not uncommon. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with this.

Sanes, 2016-08-01

Why not. When I did mine, I adhered to the same principle. The link was the DB.

Vladimir Grabko, 2016-08-01

read about SOA and microservices.

Erling, 2016-08-03

I recently wanted to ask the same question.
So is it a good practice (for example, from a security point of view) to set up an admin panel on a different domain?

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