Arthur2021-10-21 22:22:43
Arthur, 2021-10-21 22:22:43

Admin on telebot?

I know there is a method with which you can write some command to a bot, for example /admin, and it only works when the creator of the bot sends (by its id)
And if sent, for example, by a beginner, he will be told that you do not have rights, etc.

How to do this ?

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GavriKos, 2021-10-21

In the command handler, check who sent and that's it.
Perhaps there is something out of the box, but even so there is a banal if.

RRRRRRR7, 2021-10-22

If you make an admin panel, then check for user_id, if it matches, then display your message.

tsoy4uk, 2021-10-22

admin = ['admin_chat_id' , 'admin_first_name' ]


def start(message):
 if str(message.from_user.id) in admin and message.from_user.first_name in admin:
      bot.send_message(message.from_user.id, 'Привет, великий!')
    bot.send_message(message.from_user.id, 'Пшел вон! незванный')

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