John Gault2015-06-20 19:00:21
John Gault, 2015-06-20 19:00:21

A drop down gallery of pictures?

Good afternoon. There is a small gallery with n-th number of images, some of which are hidden. 3b676c19da264a8ba4e6f49e06c93f60.png
How to implement the element of revealing the rest of the pictures on button click? For this to happen, obviously, without reloading the page. (Like, for example, on this site seo-ok.com , section - "Our clients")

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Maksim Zverev, 2015-06-20

A bad option, but simpler, a static height block with overflow: hidden and the height changes on button click.
Good option: AJAX and loading additional elements. In the example you provided, it is implemented like this:

$('#ow-carousel > div > .button a').on('click',function () {
      url: "ajax/more"+scount+".html",
      cache: false,
      beforeSend: function() {
        $(this).hide().before('<img src="image/load.gif" alt="load" />');
      success: function(html){
        $('#ow-carousel > div > .button').before(html);
        $('#ow-carousel > div > .button > img').remove();
        $('#ow-carousel div.portion:hidden').fadeIn();
        scount -= 1;
        if(scount) {
        } else {
          $('#ow-carousel > div > .button').remove();

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