Oleg2015-09-29 12:19:09
Oleg, 2015-09-29 12:19:09

A double-edged sword?

Greetings to all readers!
That boiled, there was a question about the use of frameworks. I thought that time does not stand still, you need to catch up and learn new technologies, in the process of research I came to the conclusion that today we are offered a bunch of ready-made solutions that are cumbersome on the one hand, and cross-browser on the other. Modern sites contain bootstap, jqery, included fonts and many add-ons. Despite the fact that all this is measured in megabytes, and here the layout designers are shaking for clean code in css, so that the site would work faster, reducing it by three kilobytes, immediately connecting a half-ton framework. Google and Yandex also offer us a bunch of tools, despite the fact that all their advice differs, for example, Google says do not place js at the top, shorten css, this affects page loading, and Yandex says place our js at the top so that we can better index website, etc.
And all this grows like a layer cake, and search engines dictate the requirements for site loading speed. Well, okay, if the Internet is good, and if not so? And I had a question that not only I scrolled through my head, why not make many well-known frameworks part of modern browsers with the ability to update them, allowing developers to return to pure html, css, js without tons of code? Then the sites will become faster and easier.
Today, in serious projects, I see for myself the prospect of using pure html, css3, js, php without unnecessary framework. Individual js (jquery) can be configured for sliders and pop-ups, but it can be taken out individually for such pages. The use of frameworks is justified for admin panels, in order to simplify the functionality of the admin panel. In my opinion, the immoral use of frameworks is a convenient overkill.
What do you think about the fact that today polished css using all the multi-ton frameworks in which we understand 3-15% of what is happening is a fictitious screen in terms of taking care of site loading speed?

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Stalker_RED, 2015-09-29

layout designers for clean css code are shaking so that the site would work faster, reducing it by three kilobytes, immediately connecting a half-ton framework.

It's just different people. Some connect tons of stuff, not really understanding what's inside, and what's superfluous from it, like increasing the speed of development. Then, if the site "takes off" and the owner thinks about optimization, others come who throw away the excess, save three kilobytes, and optimize in every possible way.
Of course, there are those who immediately do everything according to Feng Shui, but this is usually more expensive.
UPD: Yes, it happens that three kilobytes are saved in one place, and half a ton is thoughtlessly inserted in another. But these are either people without a head, or introduced and merciless whims of the customer / project manager. Like "here should be such a slider and that marvelous iridescent font, and everything should work by lunchtime!"
UPD2:About embedding frameworks in browsers: everything has already been stolen before us. Most of the major libraries are available through the jQuery CDN , bootsrtap , whatever . From there they will get into the browser cache and that's it, consider it "embedded".

Vladimir Io, 2015-09-29

Всегда и везде этим процессом в умелых руках рулит оправданность. Если использование фреймворка покрывает 70% проблем, остальные 30% доделать не проблема, а вес страницы увеличивается на 56кб - то это оправданно.
А если подключать jQuery, чтоб найти на странице input и изменить ему значение - нет.
А насчет вставки всех фреймворков в браузеры - странная идея. Возьмите архив репозиториев bower и посчитатайте, какой гемор будет все это поддерживать и обновлять после каждого апдейта одного из плагинов...

GoodProject, 2015-09-29

Пожалуйста, сайт на бустрапе 99/100 в Google Speed Test.

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